Treasury Management & Headging


The purpose of the program is to provide participants with deep insight, perspectives and learning regarding Treasury Management and Hedging. It is a package of the entire practical training through case studies and simulated worksheets. The course covers concepts of treasury operations, managing liquidity, risk management for treasury. Participants will also learn about Foreign exchange market and fixed income securities in depth and hedging using these products.


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in “TREASURY MANAGEMENT & HEADING” by Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro.


  • In depth coverage on treasury management and hedging in banks and corporates using case studies
  • Detailed Frameworks for hedging through FX products and fixed income products along with real life case studies
  • Deeper understanding on risk management in treasury
  • Excel models to calculate VaR
  • Exhaustive reading material covering detailed 5 sections outlined below
  • Practical hands-on treasury management concepts useful for careers in Treasury
  • Understand the structure of a treasury in an organization
  • Assess the latest trends in Treasury Management
  • Learn hedging techniques for various types of risk
  • Understand in detail risk management for treasury
  • Employ funding and investment strategies to promote company performance
  • Understand FX and Fixed Income markets for Treasury and how Hedging happens in Treasury
This course is aimed at those who wish to explore the more advanced aspects of Credit Research to build a career in the below areas:
  • Commercial Banking
  • Investment Banking (Global Markets)
  • Risk Management
  • Sales -Trading
  • Structuring
  • Corporate Treasury
  • Central Banks
  • Financial Institutions

Fast Facts

Certified by : Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro

  • Treasury Management Products
  • Treasury Management
  • Money Market Operations
  • Risk Measurement-VaR calculations
  • Securitization and products
  • Basel Norms
  • FX Markets and Conventions
  • Hedging Through FX
  • Introduction To Fixed Income Markets
  • Hedging Through Fixed Income


This section covers basics of treasury management. It starts with explaining basic concept of treasury and the role of treasury in corporate and banks. This section also provides an overview of treasury management. Further various equity and debt products used in treasury are elucidated with real life examples. Basics of dealing terminology, settlement are also covered.

Treasury Management Basics
  • What is Treasury
  • Role of Treasury in Corporates and Banks
  • Overview of Treasury Management
  • Risk & Return Metrics
  • Dealing Terminologies, Platforms, Settlement
  • Products
    • Cash Market
    • Futures
    • Forwards
    • Options
    • Interest Rate Swaps
    • Currency Swaps

Concept of treasury Management is holistically covered in this section. It explains the concept of front office back office and mid office. Concept of liquidity management is explained in detail with examples and case studies. Cash and Inventory Management is also covered in depth. Participants will also learn about various money market operations which include concepts like CRR Maintenance, Liquidity Management, trading opportunities in money market etc.

Treasury Management
  • Treasury organization - Front Office, Back Office and Mid Office
  • Treasury Operations
  • Managing Liquidity - Asset Liability Management, Scenarios, Stress Testing
  • Revenue Protection - Maturity Gap Analysis, Funds Transfer Pricing, NII Simulation
  • Cash and Inventory Management
  • Balance Sheet Management and Hedging
  • Global Funding and Capital Management
Money Market Operations
  • Liquidity Management
  • Money Market Operations
  • CRR Maintenance
  • Trading opportunities in Money market
  • Overnight Call Money Market
  • Repos and Reverse Repos
  • CBLOs, Marginal Standing Facilities
  • Other Products/Services – CDs, Refinancing, etc.

This specifically deals with Risk Management for treasury. Concept of VaR is introduced in this section. Various methods to calculate VaR are taught using spreadsheets. Further Portfolio VaR is explained followed by explanation of market & credit risk measurement & management in depth. Basel norms are explained in detail in this section. Concept of securitization and products like asset backed securities, mortgage backed securities is explained.

Risk Measurement
  • Introduction to Value-at-Risk
  • Portfolio VaR and Approaches
  • Market Risk Measurement and Management
  • Credit Risk Measurement and Management
Securitization and products
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Mortgage Backed Securities
  • Credit Default Swaps
Basel Norms
  • Overview of Basel
  • RWA and Capital requirements
  • Basel 2.5/3 and implications
  • Other Risk Governance

In this section entire focus is laid on Foreign Exchange Markets and products and hedging through FX. This section talks about FX market conventions. The participants will learn about pricing and settlement of FX forward and FX Options followed by risk management in FX. A comprehensive framework for hedging using FX is taught. Strategies using forwards and options are taught using current market scenario. Hedging through FX Swaps is also explained. Finally a real case study on FX hedging to enhance level of understanding and give full practical exposure to FX Hedging.

FX Markets and Conventions
  • Dealing Terminologies and Platforms
  • FX Forwards – Pricing and Settlement
  • FX Options – Pricing and Settlement
  • Risk Management in FX
Hedging Through FX
  • Comprehensive Hedging Framework
  • Strategies using Forwards and their variations
  • Strategies using Options
  • Enhancing Strikes
  • Protecting Downsides
  • Structuring Thumb Rules
  • Capital Protection Products
  • Yield Enhancement Products
  • FX Swaps & Hedging
  • Case Studies – FX Hedging

This section explains Fixed income markets and hedging through Fixed income. Fixed income market covers concepts of types of rates and yield curve along with yield curve analysis and strategies. Fixed income products like FRA, IRS, CCS, POS, COS etc are explained with numerous examples. Framework for hedging through Fixed Income is explained. Further concept of hedging INR Gloating rate and managing rates and currency risk is also talked about to give the participant further insights in this domain. A case study is rolled out in the end that will help participant become more business ready by understanding nuances in real world.

Introduction To Fixed Income Markets
  • Types of Rates and Yield Curve
  • Fixed Income Mathematics
  • Yield Curve Analysis
  • Yield Curve Strategies
  • Products and Strategies -
  • Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs), Interest Rate Swap (IRS), Currency Swaps, Cross Currency Swaps (CCS), Coupon, Principal Swaps (COS,POS), Interest Rate Caps/Floors, Swaptions, Interest Rate Spreads, Interest Rate Collars, Exotic Interest Rate Structures
Hedging Through Fixed Income
  • Hedging Framework
  • Hedging INR Floating-rate Liability
  • Hedging USD Floating-rate Liability
  • Managing Rates and Currency Risk
  • Hedging through Cross Asset products
  • Case Studies – Rates Hedging


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