Technical Analysis And Strategies


This professional training program is designed to equip the participants with the knowledge of technical analysis tools and strategies to be used for the purpose of designing an analysis framework for the purpose of systematic trading. The program deals with how to identify high probability successful setups that have high reward-to-risk ratios and high hit ratios.

This program offers students the knowledge required to build and incorporate key and powerful strategic approaches to trading different market regimes in Equities, Forex, and Commodities. You would learn to employ conventional technical analysis and apply specific technical indicators or oscillators, on top of the core strategy for market timing through well defined systematic trading strategies. To hone your skills, you will be challenged to classify and identify the market’s overall direction and then take a position that is harmonious with the market. The curriculum will use core concepts of trend, demand, supply, and key supporting tools, and then employ trading strategy systems to enter into high reward-to-risk setups.


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in “TECHNICAL ANALYSIS AND STRATEGIES” by Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro.


  • Detailed Trading Frameworks for identifying and trading high probability setups
  • Exhaustive reading material covering extensive trading strategies based on Technical Analysis tools and indicators
  • Spread Strategy Frameworks
  • Hands-on live trading/simulated trading sessions
  • Backtester in Excel for various technical trading strategies


  • Identify market trends
  • Understand how to analyze different financial markets & employ inter-market analysis.
  • Conceptualize trading strategies across multiple time horizons with optimal position management, order management and risk management.
  • Understand and apply F&O trading strategies in different market regimes and enter into high probability successful trades.
  • Understand how to apply Technical Analysis and Price Action strategies using Spreads
  • Hands-on live trading/simulated trading sessions


This program is extremely useful for participants who want to build careers and work as
  • Proprietary Traders
  • Market Makers
  • Arbitragers
  • Brokers
  • Fund Managers
  • Technical Strategists/Researchers
  • In Banks, FIs, Brokerages, Fund houses & Corporates to understand, implement & deploy F&O trading strategies in across different market regimes and asset classes.

Fast Facts

  • Certified by : Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro
  • Broad Coverage:
  • Foundations of Technical Analysis
  • Trend Identification and Frameworks
  • Japanese Candlesticks – Reversal and Continuation Patterns
  • Using Technical Analysis Frameworks to identify Key Trading Patterns
  • Technical Indicators and Overlays
  • Price Action based strategies with Technical Analysis
  • Directional Momentum, Mean Reversion and Oscillator-based strategies
  • Spread strategies using Technical Analysis
  • Fibonacci, Gann and Elliot Waves based strategies
  • Position Sizing using Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management using Technical Analysis
  • Integrating the Trade


    It covers Foundations of Technical Analysis with focus on Trend Identification and Candlestick patterns. Specifically, you would learn how to read market trends and identify market regimes. You would also learn how to read Japanese candlesticks, a unique charting mechanism that makes price action more illustrative and meaningful for taking trading decisions. You would learn how to identify important market tops and bottoms using Candlesticks.

    Trend Identification
    • Interpreting different types of charts
    • Trends and Markets
    • Understanding different trends
    • Identification of major and intermediate Trends
    Japanese Candlesticks
    • Basic Candlestick Review
    • Advanced Candlestick Patterns
    • Reversal patterns
    • Continuation patterns
    • Importance of Dojis and their variations
    • Identifying key market top and bottoms using candlesticks

    This section covers key concepts in Technical Analysis including how to identify key support and resistance levels, how to identify important patterns in the markets and how to use price projection frameworks to understand price targets and forecast.

    Important topics in Technical Analysis
    • Understanding Relative Strength
    • Understanding Inter-Market Analysis
    • Identifying Important Resistances and Supports, Trading range
    • Identifying Tops/bottoms
    • Identifying Breakouts
    • Working with Gaps
    • Fibonacci Retracements
    • Forecasting and Price Targets
    • How to use above concepts to enter into high probability successful trades
    • Examples from historical charts and live markets
    Working with key patterns
    • Double and Triple Tops
    • Heads and Shoulders
    • Triangles, Rectangles
    • Wedges, Pennants, Flags
    • Forecasting and Price Targets
    • How to use the patterns to enter into highly successful trades

    This section deals with understanding Technical indicators and overlays. It extensively covers important concepts in understanding market momentum, Oscillators and key strategies involving oscillators, how to use Fibonnacci based trading systems and employing Elliot waves for refined trading strategies.

    Technical Indicators and Overlays

    Directional Momentum
    • Average Directional Index (ADX)
    • Positive Directional Index (+DI) and Negative Directional Index (-DI)
    • Calculation and interpretation of ADX, +DI and -DI for generating Buy/Sell signals.
    • Moving Averages and types
    • Trading strategies using Moving Averages
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Trading strategies using Bollinger Bands
    Oscillators and strategies
    • What is RSI
    • Calculation and interpretation of RSI oscillator
    • Trading strategies using RSI
    • What is MACD
    • Calculation and interpretation of MACD oscillator
    • Trading strategies using MACD
    • What is MACD
    • Calculation and interpretation of MACD oscillator
    • Trading strategies using MACD
    • What is Stochastics oscillator
    • Calculation and interpretation of Stochastics oscillator
    • Trading strategies using Stochastics
    • Other oscillators and their strategies
    Fibonacci based Retracement systems
    • Fibonacci Ratios
    • Fibonacci Retracement & Application of Fibonacci Levels
    • Calculation and interpretation of Fibonacci Retracement levels, for determining Support and Resistance; Generate Buy/Sell decisions.
    Elliot Waves
    • Elliot Waves
    • Identifying the wave formations in Elliott wave
    • Trading using Elliott Waves
    • Integrating other technical elements with Elliot Waves
    • Spread Strategies

      Spread Strategies using Technical Analysis
      • Understanding Spreads
      • Understanding Spreads
      • Statistical measures to identify spreads
      • Correlation and Cointegration
      • Statistical Trading rules on spreads
      • Technical Analysis and indicators on spreads
      • Spread Trading strategies with Technical Analysis
      • Using Price Action with Spread strategies

    This comprehensive section covers important category of strategies termed as Price Action strategies. This is a collection of highly probability based successful trade setups that combine with momentum and mean reversion concepts to enter into high reward-to-risk trades. We would learn how to use Technical overlays to further refine basic price action strategies.

    Introduction to Price Action strategy
    • What is Price Action
    • Interpreting price action
    • Understanding Demand and Supply Zones
    • Identifying and Applying zones
    • How to calculate reward to risk ratio on a trade
    Trends and Price Action strategies
    • Stages in Trend Identification
    • Trend Analysis
    • Entry and Exit using Price Action strategies
    • Understanding reward-risk ratio of a trade
    • Understanding highly successful trade setups
    • Momentum Breakout and strategies
    • Momentum Breakdown and strategies
    • Zonal Retracement setups and strategies

    Using Price Action strategies with Technical Analysis

    • Moving Average
    • Average True Range
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Oscillators and strategies
    • Time Zones for high probability trades
    • Trading Gaps

    This section integrates all the elements of trades including multi time frame analysis, order management, position sizing and risk management.

    • Understanding Trading styles
    • Order Types
    • Position Sizing
    • Order Management
    • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
    • Multiple Market Analysis
    • Stock Selection Process
    • Risk Management
    • Integrating it all!


    Let us bring our classes to you! Our in-house training are ideal for groups of 10 or more people. We can provide Off-the-shelf training in the form of our classic courses, or we can provide bespoke training, tailored to your organisational goals and objectives. Please contact us for further details