Investment Banking Operations


nvestment Banking Operations form the core for the smooth functioning of Investment Banks. Operations departments are primarily concerned with the settling and clearing of trades. Clearing trades involves looking at the records made by banks’ traders when they buy or sell stocks or other financial products and checking that they match the records kept by from whom the securities were bought to whom they were sold. Settlements, meanwhile, means ensuring that the securities bought and sold by the banks’ traders are exchanged for the right amount of money. This covers everything from preparing the documentation for a sale to making sure the bank has been paid for the shares it has bought or sold.

Operations divisions within Investment Banks are the largest by size. Financial markets are vast and every day investment banks across the world trade billions of financial instruments across multiple asset classes for thousands of clients. Each of these trades has to be cleared by the operations team amid increasingly onerous requirements from financial regulators.

Our Investment Banking Operations Program covers important domain and process knowledge such as

  • Markets, Conventions and products
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Asset Servicing
  • Corporate Actions
  • Collective Investment Schemes
  • Derivatives Clearing and Settlement
  • Foreign Exchange and Treasury
  • Custodial Operations
  • Risk and Compliance


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in “INVESTMENT BANKING OPERATIONS” by Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro.


  • Placement Leads with leading Investment Banks and KPOs
  • Frameworks for important Investment Banking processes
  • Detailed curriculum modules pertaining to key domains and processes within Investment Banking


  • Understanding Markets, Conventions and various Equity, Fixed Income, Forex and Funds products
  • Learning a typical Trade Life Cycle and its important components across FO, MO and BO functions
  • Knowing various Mandatory and Voluntary Corporate Actions and their implications
  • Understanding various types of Open-ended and Close-ended Collective Investment Schemes as well as their Administration
  • Learning what are Derivatives products as well as the key processes involved in their Clearing and Settlement
  • Understanding the key aspects of Risk and Compliance


This course is aimed at those who wish to explore the more advanced aspects of Credit Research to build a career in the below areas:

  • Corporate Actions
  • Asset Servicing
  • Fund Administration
  • Settlement and Clearing
  • Derivatives Settlement
  • Custody
  • Treasury
  • Risk
  • Compliance
  • UK/US Regulations

Fast Facts

Certified by : Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro

Broad Coverage:
  • Markets, Conventions and Products
  • Overview of Investor Services
  • Broker Dealer Function
  • Main components of Trade Life Cycle
  • Asset Servicing : Life Cycle of an Event
  • Corporate Actions : Mandatory and Voluntary
  • Collective Investment Schemes and their Administration
  • Trade Clearing and Settlement
  • Derivatives Products and Settlement


International Securities, Investor Services and Broker Dealer Functions

This section covers Markets, Conventions and products such as Financial Assets, Equity Markets, Fixed Income Markets and also covers in detail about investor services and Broker-Dealer Function.

Markets, Conventions and Products
  • Financial Assets
  • Equity Markets and Products
  • Fixed Income Markets and Products
  • Open and Close-ended Funds
  • Derivatives and Structured Products
  • Characteristics of ordinary shares, preference shares, depositary receipts, convertible bonds and warrants
Overview of Investor Services
  • Concept of Nominee
  • Safekeeping
  • Asset Reconciliation
  • Cash Management
  • Corporate Actions – Introduction
  • Securities Lending
Broker Dealer Function
  • Types of Brokerage activities
  • Operations books and records
  • Securities Lending
  • Custodial Services
  • Depository Arrangements
  • Reporting and Auditing brokers and investment dealers
  • Risks and Controls

Introduction to Trade Life Cycle

This section introduces to the concept of Trade Life Cycle and its components such as Trade Execution and Trade Capture, Trade Enrichment and Trade Validation, Trade Settlement and Custodian etc. It also introduces to Trade Life Cycle Operations

Main components of Trade Life Cycle
  • Main elements and stakeholders
  • Trade Execution and Trade Capture
  • Trade Enrichment and Trade Validation
  • Trade Agreement and Transaction Reporting
  • Trade Settlement and Custodians
  • Other considerations and key concepts
Trade Life Cycle and Operations
  • Investors and custody services suppliers
  • International central securities depositaries and central securities depositories
  • Settlement characteristics: pre-settlement, settlement, failed settlement
  • Trade Lifecycle - Process Flow
  • Clearing and Settlement

Process Specialization

This section specializes in various processes like Asset Servicing, Corporate Actions and Collective Investment Schemes.

Asset Servicing : Life Cycle of an Event
  • Types of Securities
  • Understand the life cycle of an asset servicing event
  • Information gathering and Data scrubbing
  • Event entitlement
  • Response gathering and instruction
  • Payment, claims and post payment Reconciliation
  • Mitigating Risk through Reconciliation
Corporate Actions : Mandatory and Voluntary
  • Dividends
  • The definition of a bonus issue and the reasons for initiating bonus issue
  • Sub-divisions (splits) and consolidations (reverse splits)
  • Demergers, capital repayments and coupons
  • Redemptions /Maturity
  • Delayed/Defaulting services
  • Liquidations
  • Mergers
  • Rights issues, Conversions, Warrants, Takeovers, Tender, Debt exchange, Class actions
Collective Investment Schemes
  • Introduction to Collective Investment Schemes
  • Open-ended schemes – Unit Trusts, OEICs
  • Close-ended schemes – Investment Trusts, ETFs
  • Offshore Funds
  • Money Market Funds
  • Onshore & Offshore Investment Bonds
  • Single and Dual Pricing
  • Taxation of Collective Investment Schemes
Administration of Collective Investment Schemes
  • Administration of Collective Investment Schemes
  • Creation/Cancellation of Units/Shares
  • Book Keeping and Book Cost Calculation
  • Charges and Expenses of Collective Investment Schemes
  • Distribution of Income, Equalisation
  • Investor Communications – Financial Statements, Portfolio Statement, Statement of Total Return, Contract Note, Stock Transaction and Renunciation, Tax Vouchers, Income Payments

Trade Clearing and Settlement

This section covers the important concepts relating to Clearing and settlement. It also covers derivative product and its settlement.

Important concepts on Trade Clearing and Settlement
  • Practical understanding of international securities settlement processes and custodial services, key players and concepts and relationships between them
  • Pre-Settlement Procedures
  • Clearing – what it is and how it works – basic structures for clearance
  • The role and function of the clearing house
  • The interaction between exchanges and clearing houses
  • Payments and Receipts (Clearing House and Clearing Member)
  • Relationship between Clearing Member and Client
  • Failed Settlement
  • Other concepts – DvP, Netting, Rolling Settlement, FX Settlement
Derivatives Products and Settlement
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Important Derivatives Securities
  • Derivatives clearing – why the process differs from regular securities; actions to make the process safer, Key concepts
  • Derivatives Regulations and Impact
  • Futures and Options – Margining and Settlement
  • OTC Derivatives – Settlement
  • Corporate Actions and Impact
  • Deliveries and Close-Out Management
  • Risks and Controls

Latest Regulatory Developments and Trends

The Final Section illustrates about latest regulatory developments and trends.

Regulations, Implications and Trends
  • Dodd-Frank Act - Overview
  • Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
  • UCITS Funds and Directives
  • FATCA – Scope, Reporting, Due Diligence, IGAs
  • Capital Markets and Investments – CSDR, MiFiD, MAD
  • Pensions Reforms