Chartered Real Estate Professional


The Chartered Real Estate Professional (CREP) course would help the participants to learn the fundamentals of real estate, including the concepts, theories and industry practices in real estate investment, and finance and development decision making, and to gain an understanding of real estate legal foundations, government regulations, valuation, and brokerage.They will also learn basic concepts of real property law, including the nature and scope of real property, estates in land, landlord and tenant relationships, real estate transactions, mortgages, deeds, easements, land use, ownership rights and responsibilities, and environmental law, and to gain a broad understanding of the various legal issues associated with real estate and property transactions.


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in “CHARTERED REAL ESTATE PRFESSIONAL” by AAFM and EduEdgePro.


  • Explore the latest advances in real estate management strategy and law.
  • Integrate optimum products and services in your real estate advisory services .
  • Maximize the impact of your client communications and reporting.
  • Interpret the effect of Global & Local Economic Environment on Real Estate Markets and Investments


  • Expand your real estate management skills by adopting international best practices.
  • Develop a checklist of key applied techniques in real estate management that will remain with you throughout your career.
  • Become an expert in evaluation, diagnosis and planning in working with Super High Net Worth Clients.
  • Integrate optimum products and services in your real estate advisory services.
  • Maximize the impact of your client communications and reporting.
  • Appreciate the complexities of investing in global real estate markets and develop strategies for managing risk and maximizing returns
  • Interpret the effect of Global & Local Economic Environment on Real Estate Markets and Investments
  • Construct optimal real estate portfolios and illustrate the theory and empirical applications of asset-pricing models.
  • Use and develop spread-sheet based Financial Modelling solutions to valuate real estate.
  • Laws relating to Real Estate.
  • Evaluate the Title of a Real Estate Property.


  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Persons
  • Commercial and Customer Care Executives associated with Developers and Builders Direct Sales Agents and Home Loan Agents associated with Housing Finance Institutions

Fast Facts

  • Certified by : Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro
  • Broad Coverage:
  • Real estate principles
  • Real estate market & analysis
  • Real estate valuation
  • Real estate Financing
  • Real estate leasing
  • Tax concerns for real estate agents
  • Fundamentals and Practices of real estate in India.
  • International practice on real estate definition
  • Integration of Real Estate in a Portfolio
  • Licenses and permissions
  • Land measurement table


Real estate – preliminaries
  • Meaning and definition
  • Type of Real Estate
  • General Definitions
  • Rights and duties
  • General terms used in real estate agreement

Essential terms in real estate contract

  • Details of Parties
  • Date & Place of Agreement
  • Proper Stamp Paper
  • History of Property
  • Description of Property
  • Representations and Assurances by Seller
  • Sale consideration
  • Time period for property transaction
  • Taxes-liability to pay
  • Possession
  • Original Documents
  • Indemnity Clause
  • Dispute Resolution Clause
Documents in real estate
  • Sale Deed
  • Agreement to Sell
  • Token Receipts
  • Expression of Interest
  • Builder Buyer Agreement
  • Perpetual lease
  • Conveyance Deed
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Will
  • Receipt of Consideration
  • Possession Letter
  • Gift Deed
  • Lease Deed
  • F.A.R
  • F.S.I
  • Leasehold / Freehold
Structuring property transaction
  • Valuation of Property
  • Physical Verification
  • Checking Title Documents – Originals
  • Inspection of Mutation Records
  • Inspection of Statutory Dues / Taxes
  • Due diligence by property expert
  • Preparing sale / transfer documents
  • Stamp Duty calculations
  • Registration fee calculations
  • Registration of Documents
Real estate principles
  • Meeting expectation of clients
  • Functional skills of Real Estate Broker
  • Professional Ethics & conduct
  • Clients confidently
  • Effective Management
  • Negotiation Skills
Real estate market + analysis
  • Introduction to Real Estate Markets
  • The Four Value Forces
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market analysis
  • Types and Sources of Data
  • Money Markets
  • Capital Markets
Real estate valuation
  • Introduction to Valuation
  • Principles of Valuation
  • Tools of Valuation
Real estate financing
  • Banks
  • Money Lenders
  • Non-Banking Financial Companies
  • Criteria of financing
  • Mortgages
Real estate leasing
  • Rent Deeds
  • Lease Deeds
  • License Deeds
Real estate marketing + sales
  • Online Marketing
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Hoardings and Pole Kiosks
  • Real Estate exhibitions
  • Bulk SMS + mailers
  • Newspaper insertions
Land measurement table
Revenue terms
  • General Terms
  • All India Basis
  • Townships
  • Group Housing
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Service Apartments
  • Service Tax
  • Accounting for brokerage
  • TDS on brokerage
Fundamentals and Practices of real estate in India
International practice on real estate definition
Revenue terms
  • General Terms
  • All India Basis
Integration of Real Estate in a Portfolio
  • Introduction of Real Estate in a Portfolio
  • Historical Benefits and Risks
  • Diversification, Inflation Hedge, Risk Reduction in Real Estate
  • Determining Whether You Should Invest in Real Estate
Real Estate Compliance
Case Studies
  • Case – Taxation, RERA, HRA, Accounting
  • Real Estate Funds, Instruments, Process, Statutory guidelines, FDI in Real Estate
Real Estate Development Process
Case – Townships
Property Management


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