Certified Professional Trader Program


The Certified professional trader programme is the flagship program designed to create a strong pool of professional traders in the Indian market. This course would provide an understanding of how market functions, how does the trader plan and execute trading actives and it also helps to understand about the trading in financial products and its strategies, trading analysis and volatility in the share market and many more. The successful participants will gain comprehensive knowledge after completion of this programme.


On successful completion of the program, you would be awarded the professional certification in “CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL TRADER PROGRAMME” by Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro.


    • Training in live trading setup with real time market tracking and research
    • Learning from market participants
    • Scientifically designed course by the market experienced knowledge team
    • Relevant for people who want to pursue a serious career option in trading financial products like equity futures and options, commodities futures, commodities options, currency futures, swaps and other exotics products


    • Learn how markets really work
    • How institutions trade and control markets
    • How retail traders can learn to follow those same steps
    • How to plan and execute high-reward, low-risk traders
    • How to apply this strategy to any time frame, from short term trading to longer term active investing and to any asset class including stocks, futures, commodities & forex


    This program is extremely useful for participants who want to build careers as
    • Proprietary Traders
    • Market Makers
    • Arbitragers
    • Options Traders/Strategists
    • Brokers
    • Fund Managers
    • Quantitative Strategists
    • Quantitative Researchers

    Fast Facts

  • Certified by : Moody’s Analytics and EduEdgePro
  • Broad Coverage:
  • Trading Futures
  • Trading Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Option Trading Overview
  • Trading Vanilla spreads
  • Trading Straddles/Strangles
  • Trading Spread Combinations
  • Trading Volatility
  • Advanced Strategies


  • Futures Contracts and Conventions
  • Settlement Mechanisms
  • Market Analysis and Inter-Market Relationships
  • Identification of major and intermediate trends
  • Technical Analysis and strategies
  • Price Action based strategies
  • Open Interest based strategies
  • Popular Quantitative Trading strategies
  • Constructing and Interpreting charts
  • Identification of major and intermediate trends
  • Identification of Demand and Supply zones
  • Trading strategies on Dow Theory
  • Trading strategies on Elliot Wave Analysis
  • Fibonacci Ratios and implications for trading
  • Trading strategies on moving averages
  • Bollinger Banks and trading strategies
  • MACD, RSI indicator, Stochastics, Rate of Change (ROC) and trading strategies
  • Order Types
  • Order Management
  • Position Sizing and Management
  • Basket Management
  • Back-Testing and Optimization
  • Simulation on markets
  • Options Markets and Conventions
  • Framework for Option Payoff Calculation
  • Option Trading Strategies – Basic
  • Option Trading Strategies – Advanced
  • Option Arbitrage Strategies
  • Option Scalping Strategies
  • Option Greek profiles and PL Analysis
  • Dynamic Hedging in Option Trading
  • Applying Demand and Supply Framework on Option Strategies
  • Setting up Bull and Bear Spreads
  • Option Greeks and profiles
  • Timing Vertical Spreads
  • Trading Volatility spikes with Spreads
  • Trading Calender Spreads
  • How Implied Volatility affects Vertical Spreads
  • Managing Winning positions
  • Managing Losing positions
  • Timing Option Legs
  • Straddle and Strangle setup
  • Powerpacking Straddles
  • Greek profiles
  • Managing Winning positions
  • Managing Losing positions
  • Timing Option Legs
  • Ratioing the Spread
  • Trading Ratio Spreads and Backspreads for breakouts or breakdowns
  • Trading Butterflies
  • Broken Wing variations for Butterflies
  • Scalping Butterflies
  • Trading Condors and Iron Condors
  • Broken Wing variations for Condors
  • Greek profiles
  • Managing Winning positions
  • Managing Losing positions
  • Timing Option Legs
  • Volatility Types
  • Volatility Forecasting
  • Trading Implied Volatility and spikes
  • Implied vs Historical Volatility
  • Trading the Volatility Skew and Surface
  • Trading VIX through VIX Futures
  • Gamma Scalping
  • Hedging Option Greeks
  • Delta-Gamma-Vega Hedging
  • Dynamic Hedging
  • Legging, Ratioing and Market timing
  • Choosing between Options Strategies
  • Reading Open Interest and refining Options Strategies


Let us bring our classes to you! Our in-house training are ideal for groups of 10 or more people. We can provide Off-the-shelf training in the form of our classic courses, or we can provide bespoke training, tailored to your organisational goals and objectives. Please contact us for further details

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